Kinder & Preschool Spring Binder Activity Book (Digital Download)



This kindergarten and preschool spring binder activity book is packed with interactive spring themed basic skills learning activities.

It’s a great tool to use for assessment, for morning work or to help out kids that might struggle a little.

Once put together it can be used over and over again as the activities are designed to be laminated and used with dry erase markers as well as with Velcro dots (for matching activities and such). Great go-to no-prep binder to have in your classroom at all times.

Activities included

  • cover page with name writing activity as well as “Today I feel:” activity, where kids choose from a range of illustrated emotions and attach them to the cover page with Velcro dots
  • shape matching – match the basic shape outlines to make raindrops
  • dot to dot 1-10 – work on number order and draw a flower
  • dot to dot A-Z work on the order of the alphabet and draw a butterfly
  • color matching – match the color hats and practice color words (no reading skills required)
  • sequencing – put the pictures in order – first, next and last – first patch of land, next budding flower and last full grown flower
  • circle all the pictures related to spring – identify the objects that are springr related such as flower, rain, umbrella and circle them
  • beginning sounds – match the beginning sound to the picture or practice upper and lower case letters of the alphabet with rainbows and clouds. This activity can be modified for letter recognition or for matching the upper/lower case letters.
  • number sense activities. Match the bubbles with the numbers shown in different ways to the girl blowing the bubbles same number.
  • size sorting – sort the objects in correct columns
  • shape tracing – complete the flowers by tracing the different basic shapes.
  • more or less (or more or fewer) – compare the number of flowers each kid has and circle the kid with less or more flowers
  • alphabet trace – trace the letters from A-Z
  • patterns – 3 pages where kids need to complete the patterns by adding the last picture in the sequence – ABAB & AABB patterns included
  • fill in the missing numbers from 1-20.
  • count and match
  • ten frames
  • number tracing, counting and reading. 10 pages, each with a number to trace, a flower to count and a sentence to read – I see one flower. I see two flowers….

Simple assembly instructions for this winter preschool quiet book are included.

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