I Have, Who Has Ten Frames up to 30 Game (Digital Download)



I Have, Who Has Ten Frames up to 30 Game is perfect for mastering ten frames as it allows the students to learn through play.

You can grab other Ten Frames I Have Who Has games here, if your students are not yet ready for numbers up to 30.
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This I Have, Who Has Card Game has 30 cards, each card featuring a number represented with a ten frame and with a numeric value.

We recommend you laminate the cards.

Game rules
Distribute the game cards. Each student needs at least one card, but can have more than one. All cards need to be distributed.

Choose a student that starts the game by reading the question part of the game “Who Has”. The student for example asks “Who has 15”. Other students look at their cards, the part with a ten frame, and the one that has a ten frame showing the number ten, replies with “I have fifteen” and continues the game by reading their question.

The game ends when all cards are called.

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1-grade, Pre-K, Kindergarten


I Have, Who Has Card Game, Math