I Have, Who Has Addition to 20, Subtraction to 20 & Mix to 20 (Digital Download)



Practice addition and subtraction with one of these 3 I Have Who Has Games

This set includes 3 games

I Have, Who Has? Addition to 20 (20 game cards)
I Have, Who Has? Subtraction to 20 (20 game cards)
I Have, Who Has? Addition and Subtraction to 20 (20 game cards).

How to play the I Have, Who Has Games?

Distribute the cards amongst students (they can have more than 1 card).

Pick the student who starts the game. The student asks the “Who has” question indicated on their card. Other students check their cards and the student with the correct card answers with “I Have”. The game continues with that student reading their “Who has” question.

For example if the student would ask “Who has 5+5”. The student who has 10 would say “I Have 10” and would continue the game by reading their question.

The game ends when all game cards are played or when the educator stops the game (there can be more rounds).

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1-grade, Pre-K, Kindergarten


I Have, Who Has Card Game, Math