Counting to 20 Worksheets – Kindergarten (Digital Download)


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So your students are already comfortable with counting to 10 but are they ready to count to 20? When you are done with hands on counting activities give the students these counting to 20 worksheets (they are perfect for homework too).

There are 20 worksheets in this printable set with a wide variety of tasks and exercises to meet your student’s needs (you can preview the whole set).

What is included in this worksheet set:
* 5 worksheets where students are asked to count the objects and circle the correct number.
* 2 worksheets where students are asked to count and write the number of objects.
* 2 worksheets where students must count and match (draw a line from the group of objects to the number)
* 3 worksheets where students count objects in ten frames and circle their answers.
* 2 worksheets where students need to color a specific number of objects in ten frames
* 2 worksheets where students are asked to fill in the missing numbers on a number line
* 2 worksheets where kids are asked to count forward and backward.
* 2 worksheets with tens and ones – “How many tens and ones are there? Count and write your answers.”

+ Answer key

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1-grade, Kindergarten