Kinder & Preschool Ocean Animals Binder Activity Book (Digital Download)



Dive deep into learning with this wonderful printable ocean animals activity binder. With a huge selection of sea themed basic concepts activities your little learners will have their hands full for a long time.

Laminate, assemble and use.

The activities included are:
1. shape matching turtle. Match the shapes to their outlines to make the turtle shell whole.
2. jellyfish counting to 5. Count the tentacles of each jellyfish and match the numbers.
3.shaddow match. Match the sea creatures to their shadows to complete the scene.
4. color courting. Sort the objects into columns.
5. Shapes. Match the shapes to their outlines to make the creatures complete.
6. Color words. Match the shells to their outlines by reading color words.
7. Fish counting. Switch the numbers in the divers hand and add a matching number of fish.
8.. Fish or not fish? Sorting activity.
9. Alphabet crabs. Letter recognition or lower case to upper case (or vice versa) activity, depending on the child’s needs.
10. Number puzzles. 1 with numbers up to 5 and one with numbers up to 10.
11. Simple addition clams. Addition up to 10.
12. Fill in the missing numbers. Counting from 1 to 20.
13. Shape tracing. Trace around the shapes with a dry erase marker.
14. Pre-writing practice. With a dry erase marker trace the lines.
15. Alphabet tracing.
16. What belongs in the sea? Circle the objects.
17. Read, count and trace. Simple sentences, counting animals and tracing numbers.
18. Number sense turtle.

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