I Have, Who Has Alphabet Game Alphabet Cards (Digital Download)



Practice letters with this fun I Have, Who Has Alphabet Game.

This game features 26 alphabet cards.

The letters come in mixed order.

Each card has a question asking Who Has The Word Starting Witgh *letter* and an answer I Have *picture of an object/animal* starting with that letter.

How to play?

Distribute cards to students – they can have one or more cards.

Pick a student to start the game (or keep one card for yourself and you start the game).

The first player looks at the question part of the game (the big letter) and asks Who has the word that starts with * reads letter *.

For example they would ask Who has the word that starts with letter K?.

The student who has the image of key answers I have key and continues the game by reading their letter and asking the question.

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1-grade, Pre-K, Kindergarten


I Have, Who Has Card Game, Reading and Writing