I Have, Who Has States Game – 50 States and Easier 20 States Game (Digital Download)



I Have Who Has Games are great for learning in the classroom and this I Have Who Has States Game is perfect for learning all the USA states, these offer a good alternative to USA states worksheets.

There are two versions of this game in this printable pack

Easy Game with 20 game cards with 20 larger or otherwise more well known states

Normal Game with all 50 states.

Educators distribute all of the cards between the students (groups of all sizes can play this game). Educators then decide which student starts the game. The student reads the state under “Who Has *state name*”. The student who has the state called by the first student (indicated on the map) answers by saying “I Have *state name*” and continuing the game by reading “Who Has *state name*”.

The game ends when all the states are called or when educator stops the game.

*Tip: you can have the students give their card to another student once their card is called.

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3-grade, 4-grade, 5-grade, 6-grade


Geography, I Have, Who Has Card Game