I Have, Who Has States and Capitals Game (Digital Download)



What better way to learn all the states and their capitals than through play!

This I Have, Who has States and Capitals game will help your students learn all 50 States of the USA.

This game includes;
50 printable game cards with states and capitals

How to play the game?
Distribute all the cards (students can have one or more cards).

Pick a student to start the game or have one of the cards in your hands and you start the game. Whoever starts the game, reads the question on their card (ie “Who has the capital of Texas”. The student who has the capital of Texas replies “I have Austin” and continues the game by reading the question on their card.

The game can run in circles until the teacher stops the game (you can have the students pass along their card to another student once they read their question). The game can also stop once all cards are played.

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3-grade, 4-grade, 5-grade, 6-grade


Geography, I Have, Who Has Card Game