I Have, Who Has Flags Game (Digital Download)



Learn some of the flags of this world with this fun to play I Have, Who Has Flags Game! There are two versions of this card game included, the normal one with 80 flags and the easy version with 40 flags.

This game is great for memorising some of the more common flags.

How the game is played?

Educators distribute the cards between students. Each student can have one or more cards. Educator then assigns a student to start the game.

The student reads the question on their card – for example “Who Has the Flag of Brazil?”. Other students look at their cards and the student that has the flag of Brazil says “I have Brazil” or “I have the flag of Brazil”.

The student then looks at the question on their card and reads it and the game continues.

The answer chain is included for both games so educators can easily see if the game is progressing as it should.

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2-grade, 3-grade, 4-grade, 5-grade


Geography, I Have, Who Has Card Game