Read and Color Reading Comprehension Worksheets – Grade 1 / Kindergarten (Digital Download)



This set of read an color reading comprehension worksheets are great for Grade 1 reading or listening practice. Some kids in kindergarten will enjoy these too.

Both US spelling and UK spelling

There are 20 different worksheets in this set (you can preview the whole US set by clicking the preview button above).

The UK set has the same worksheets only with UK spelling.

Kids are asked to read the sentences on the worksheets and follow the directions to color the images accordingly.

The images are described with simple, easy to read sentences (He wears a blue skirt. His pants are green…).

Older kids can read the sentences by themselves (reading comprehension) while younger kids can listen to you while you read the sentences (listening comprehension).


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1-grade, 2-grade, Kindergarten


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