Pyramid Addition to 100 Worksheets (Digital Download)


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Why use basic addition worksheets when you can make things a little bit different (and fun) with this set of pyramid addition to 100 worksheets.

So how are these fun worksheets solved? Students start at the bottom of the pyramid and have to work their way up by adding the numbers in squares next to each other and writing the result in the square on top of the other two. When they add up all of the numbers in the bottom row, they will have a brand new row of numbers to add up. They continue until they reach the top of the pyramid.

There is a variety of different difficulty levels in this printable set, from simple pyramids with only 2 rows (with results under 10) to more difficult pyramids with 6 rows and results up to 100.

What you get in this pack
– 15 worksheets
– answer key

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1-grade, 2-grade, Kindergarten