Alphabet Clip Cards – Beginning Sounds Clip it Cards (Digital Download)



Practice letters of the alphabet with this fun activity. Hand out the letter clip cards (it’s best if they are laminated) to your students along with clothespins and have them mark their answers on the cards.

Alternatively they can also place counters on correct answers.

There are 6 sets included in this product:

  • letter recognition – two sets – one where students need to find and match the same letter (lower case a to lower case a, and upper case A to uppercase A)
  • uppercase to lower case match (and the other way around)
  • beginning sounds match – 1 set where your students will look at the picture and find a matching beginning sound and one where your students will look at the letter and mark the image that begins with that sound.

Great for alphabet revision.

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1-grade, Pre-K, Kindergarten