Elapsed Time Worksheets (Digital Download)


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Have the students practice elapsed time with this extensive set of elapsed time worksheets.

There is a variety of different tasks in this resource both with digital and analog times.

What is in this resource (you can check the whole worksheet set by checking the preview above)

50 different worksheets + answer key

* 5 elapsed time worksheets where students read the time on analog clocks, write it down and find out how much time has passed

* 5 worksheets with time on digital clocks where students draw the hour and minute hand on the clock face and figure out how much time has passed

* 5 worksheets with start and end time on digital clocks and students need to write down the elapsed time

* 5 worksheets with a mix of digital and alnalog clocks

* 5 worksheets with a table chart – with start time and end time given and students have to figure out the elapsed time

*25 worksheets (sets of five with the same style as first 25 worksheets) with elapsed time and either start time or end time given, where students are asked to figure out what was either the start time or end time.

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3-grade, 4-grade, 5-grade